Gorlim, Betrayer of Barahir ('p') [(r)ecall, ESC]
He has slain 1 of your ancestors, who remain unavenged.
This sad creature - once a mighty warrior - betrayed his former friends to
Morgoth's army in return for, he thought, safety for himself and his wife.
And so he fell under Morgoth's power and became little more than a mindless
servant of evil, even though the other side of his "bargain" was not kept.
This creature is normally found at depths of 2050 feet (level 41), and moves
quickly. Killing this creature is worth 9258.06 points for a 31st level
character. He illuminates his surroundings. He may cast spells which produce
mana bolts (193), produce water bolts (141), or cause critical wounds (150);
about 1 time in 2. He can hit to attack, hit to attack, hit to disenchant, and
hit to disenchant.

ага. самое интересное, что некоторые заклятия насылал действительно не он... в принципе, он был запинываем, если бы я хотя бы поинтересовался, что и как... но уже бегал на автомате "атпусти атпусти меня игра сутки без перерыва бегаю" :)